Together We Win: The Jobs With Justice Impact Report 2015–2016

Together We Win

The Jobs With Justice
Impact Report 2015–2016

Jobs With Justice is a national network expanding people’s ability to come together to improve their workplaces, their communities, and their lives. We create solutions to the problems working people face by leading campaigns, changing the conversation and moving labor, community, student and faith voices to action. We win real change at the national and local levels by challenging corporate greed and demanding an economy that works for all.

With our coalitions across the country, we’re building a movement to ensure more of us can earn a fair return on our work. We are demanding profitable companies play by the rules and invest in our communities. We are speaking up for racial justice. We are establishing workplace standards that allow people to achieve more stability so they can plan their lives and sustain their families. We are confronting inequality. Whether in the streets, in the pulpits, on campuses, in state capitols or on the airwaves, we are catalyzing real improvements in people’s lives and our communities.

When we stand up together, we are seen. When we speak truth to power, we are heard. When we join forces, we are too strong to be ignored. When we unite, we achieve a better, brighter future for our families and those who follow.

Learn more about Jobs With Justice and the direct impact of our work by exploring the stories, victories and milestones we’ve collected over the past 18 months.